YEM Hails as The World's Most Valuable Coin !

YEM Your Everyday Money Digital Fiat Currency reigns as the world’s most valuable virtual coin.

This asset’s total market capitalization surpasses Bitcoin and all cryptos, while growing in worldwide popularity.

YEM is not a cryptocurrency, but rather a “real world” money designed for everyday use in all global economic sectors.

YEM Rules With Power & Dignity

Neither designed nor intended for speculative trading, this money is managed by the non-profit YEM Foundation.

The YEM value is regulated by a proprietary computer-based algorithm that prevents fraud and price manipulation.

Widespread Acceptance

YEM is accepted into every global economic sector.

Our Independent Analysis projects that by 2032, YEM will disrupt every major economic sector worldwide.

This Website’s Status

Unaffiliated with Unicorn Network, is operated by YEM KIng LLC, owned by an independent We Share Success affiliate.

Take Easy Steps Toward Potential Success

Our Recommendation recommends you start by becoming a free lifetime member of the YEM-related Invitation Marketing system.

Important Considerations

  • Age: Be at least 14, or legal age to participate where you live
  • Once: Only join a single time
  • Freedom: Members never required to promote
  • Ownership: No requirement to own YEM
  • Commissions: Members who promote have income potential
  • Possible revenue: Compensation plan chronicles possibilities
  • Guarantee: There is no promise members will earn anything
  • MLM: Not Multi-Level Marketing
  • Cheaters: Violators get caught, banned

Separate from Invitation Marketing, YEM holders also have profit potential if the per-coin price increases after they buy.

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Get Your ID Verified for Unlimited YEM Trading

In compliance with international law, you must get your ID fully verfieid to qualify for unlimited YEM trading.

The SafeZone protects the verification process and safeguards all YEM-related transactions throughout the Unicorn Network.

To get verified, complete these two steps, starting with the first:

  • Step One: Input your ID info into the Pernum Pass system
  • Step Two: After completing Step One, complete verification via SafeIdent for a one-time $10 USD fee.
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Where Can I Buy and Exchange YEM?

There are two online sites to buy YEM, both Unicorn Network companies:

  • YEM Exchange: Serves only one function, purchasing this asset at the current market price
  • Digital Exchange Center: Trade YEM, and other authorized and digitized assets as values fluctuate

Asset Storage

YEM and other digitized assets that you own within the Unicorn Network Group of Companies are stored at Digital Wallet Center.

Asset Protection

All trading and digitized assets that you own within the Unicorn Network are safeguarded by SafeZone technology.

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What YEM-related Benefits Attract Consumers?

Consumers using Unicorn Network’s YEM-related products and/or services enjoy numerous benefits.

Among them:

  • Pay: Fast payments at merchants using Pernum Pay
  • Shop: Discount shopping at Shobbit, paying with fiats
  • Items: DryveMe new cars; Real Estate; Vacations
  • Legal: Item sales agreements via Smart Contracts
  • Bonus: Freebies from Cashback Marketing merchants
  • Security: SafeZone guards all YEM transactions
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What YEM-related Benefits Attract Businesses?

Businesses using Unicorn Network’s YEM-related products and/or services enjoy numerous benefits when using this money.

Among them:

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